NOVEMBER 11-12, 2016


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Join us in Pittsburgh, PA this November and experience two world-class, state-of-the-art, multi-element haunted attractions! This year's Legendary Haunt Tour is going to Pittsburgh to visit the Scarehouse and Hundred Acres Manor!

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Legendary Haunt Tour 2015 Chicago T-Shirts

  • Posted : November 23rd, 2015
  • Posted in T-Shirts

The Legendary Haunt Tour 2015 t-shirt sold out very quickly this year, and many people have been requesting reprints, so TransWorld is planning to do a limited print run of additional shirts based on how many people do the following:

  1. Email Jen Braverman at
  2. Use email subject header “LHT 2015 T-Shirt Order
  3. Include the number of shirts you’d like to order, and the size of each.

The price is $25 (2X+, $30), which includes shipping. Jen will email you back with information on how to complete your order.

Legendary Haunt Tour 2015 T-Shirt

Legendary Haunt Tour 2016 Headed to Pittsburgh to See Scarehouse & Hundred Acres Manor

The Legendary Haunt Tour 2016 will be headed to Pittsburgh, PA on November 11 & 12th, 2016 to visit Scarehouse and Hundred Acres Manor! Additional tour details, including host hotel and booking information, coming soon!

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Legendary Haunt Tour 2016

9 Days Until the Legendary Haunt Tour 2015! 1 Day Left to Book Your Hotel! Don’t Wait!

HAUNTERS! Halloween is over – now it’s YOUR turn to visit some GREAT haunted houses!

Join us in sweet home Chicago, IL weekend after next and experience THREE world-class, state-of-the-art, multi-element haunted attractions! This year’s Legendary Haunt Tour is going to Chicago for a tour of the 13th Floor Haunted House on Thursday, a trip to Milwaukee to see the Wisconsin Feargrounds on Friday and then back to Chicago to see Statesville Haunted Prison & City of the Dead (a Zombie Army Production) on Saturday!

Legendary Haunt Tour: Chicago 2015

Haunt tours aren’t the only reason to come to the Legendary Haunt Tour, however! You’ll get unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to Statesville Haunted Prison while the Zombie Army throws an after-party on Saturday night! Allen Hopps will be teaching classes, Ed & Marsha Edmunds will be fielding your questions about Distortions Unlimited and their show Making Monsters, there’s day trips to The Great Room Escape and the Fifth Annual Maleficium Dark Art Exhibit at Face Off Season 4 Champion Anthony Kosar’s Kosart Gallery… AND MORE! Book your hotel and

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Each year the Legendary Haunt Tour visits a different city in the USA and tours 2 to 3 haunted attractions that have achieved "legendary" status with the haunted attraction industry, the media and the public. More than just a haunted house tour, the LHT has evolved into a destination social event for haunters all over the world, providing a unique vacation & networking opportunity just after the Halloween season. If you're a haunted house owner, actor, makeup artist, costumer, merchant or if you just love haunted houses and Halloween, the Legendary Haunt Tour is the place to wrap up the season, relax, unwind, have fun, celebrate, see what your fellow haunters have to offer... and start getting ideas for next year!

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